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Lasix 40 mg is a water pill that contains furosemide glucuronide, a component with excessive diuretic action. It is prescribed to patients suffering from edema, renal disease, hepatic cirrhosis of the liver and congestive heart failure. Furosemide 20 mg helps to reduce fluid retention and swelling caused by certain medical disorders. It makes unneeded water and salt come off the body, thus patients with any kidney problems should consult the doctor prior they start taking Lasix non prescription. This is a powerful medication so it shouldn’t be taken in large amount lest it may cause dehydration that can result in reduction of blood volume.
Furosemide is available in a form of pills 20mg, 40mg, 100mg without prescription and liquid that should be taken orally. It is normally taken once a day in the morning. If you notice any signs of fluid disbalance like thirst, mouth dryness, muscle pains, weakness, etc., contact your doctor immediately. He may want to adjust a dose to your personal needs. Take Lasix 100 mg exactly as prescribed, don’t decrease or increase the amount taken.
There is one peculiar thing about furosemide — it controls blood pressure, what can be quite beneficial for people with high blood pressure.
A careful medical supervision is required for patients taking Lasix 40 mg/ 100 mg/ 20 mg.

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